AEGIS Tales 2

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ISBN: 979-8-9861181-9-2

Eight authors. Ten stories. Round Two.

The AEGISverse just grew even more.

Based on the setting and characters of Airship Daedalus, A.E.G.I.S. Tales 2 collects exciting new works of fiction written in the style of the pulps from the 1920s & ‘30s.

Thrill to the adventures of resurrected soldier Joe Desmond—aka The Seer, tech-spy Felix Fogarty, race car driving sleuth Lili LaRue, native waitress-turned-shaman Walks with Bones, rail-riding hobo Henry Kinkle, demon-summoning cop Sid Cooper, The Gunshade—ghostly scourge of the underworld, ex-rocketeer Alyssa Swanson, psychic detective David Li, and dinosaur hunter Loana!

Enjoy tales of supernatural horror and whimsy, hard-boiled mystery, super-science, lost-world intrigue, and two-fisted heroic adventure in this anthology of spine-tingling retro pulp fiction!