Airship Daedalus Series

Airship Daedalus is a fast-paced, modern update of the classic pulp movement of the 1920s-1940s. Its setting is a bold decopunk take on golden-age pulp adventure stories set in a bright, colorful, alternate-1920s of retro super science, occult powers and lost worlds.

In the wake of the Great War, a former ace pilot is drafted by an old flame into a philanthropic organization backed by the titans of industry. With a crew assembled from their war comrades, “Captain Stratosphere” Jack McGraw and Dorothy “Doc” Starr fly an experimental electric airship to the four corners of the globe, dogging the heels of the occult army of the Astrum Argentum, and their leader, Aleister Crowley. Their adventures take them to the ancient ruins and sweltering jungles of South America, the depths of the Caribbean, mysterious tropical islands, buried temples in the Egyptian desert, the frozen Arctic, and a remote valley in the Himalayas. They encounter lost civilizations, legendary artifacts, mythical creatures, savage storms, and eldritch horrors from beyond our dimension.

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Book 1: A Shield Against the Darkness: 9781734929379
Book 2: Assassins of the Lost Kingdom: 9781734929386

Book 3: The Golden City: 9781734929393
Book 4: Legend of the Savage Isle: 9798986118109
Book 5: The Arctic Menace: 9798986118116
Book 6: Raiders of the Red Storm: 9798986118123