Primordial Soup Kitchen

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THIRTEEN WEIRD AND WONDROUS TALES populate this collection by the author of the Airship Daedalus pulp adventure series. Spanning a thirty-year catalog and often satirizing the 20th century ideal of the nuclear family and social mores, Primordial Soup Kitchen is a collection of the stranger side of Todd Downingʹs short fiction.

  • Automatons remember an idyllic past that never was.
  • Ghost hunters track a psychic vampire in 1920s San Francisco.
  • A family must come to grips with a terrible truth.
  • Rockabilly zombies cruise the American Southwest in a classic Cadillac.
  • A Harlem Hellfighter killed at the Western Front is reborn with strange powers.
  • Four kids investigate a strange disappearance in a small Oregon town in 1982.

With elements of horror, science fiction, adventure, humor and retro-futurism—each with an underlying dark streak—this collection is sure to entertain fans of the offbeat and macabre.


“At the end of each story I was left wanting more! More of these worlds, more of these characters, just more! Haunting, sad, scary and so rich with so few words, you’ll read these short stories over and over again.”

– Trish Heinrich
Author of The Vigilantes Superhero Universe

“Stories of ghouls, ghosts and ghastly neighbors glittering with taut prose, sprinkled with humor and pathos. The perfect bite-sized collection for creepy crepuscular reading!”

– R.L. Pace
Author of Rising Son

“The title is perfectly written to prepare you for a wonderful, and wonderfully strange, sample of different works. There is comedy and tragedy, action and mystery and more than a little suspense.”

– Brina Williamson
Author of Merona Grant and the Lost Tomb of Golgotha

“I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short, strange stories. Each tale had its own flavor, some dark and action packed, some tense and mysterious, others weirdly funny, and some even sad, but each was well paced for its length, and of course had its own brand of strangeness. It was always exciting to see what each new story had in store.”

“Mr. Downing has a very special style and creative voice in his work. He should be better known than he probably is.”

“The stories were all really fun. A mix of styles, but overall was somewhat Twilight Zone-ish. I love the mystery, the unexpected turns of events, and I was entertained through the whole collection of stories.”

– Reader reviews