The Arctic Menace

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A fierce battle at the top of the world, against a most ferocious enemy.

November, 1928 finds Dorothy “Doc” Starr and Jack McGraw raising their daughter Ellen on a ranch in the Hollywood Hills, when the local AEGIS bureau chief taps them for a new assignment – investigate the source of a strange radio signal originating from somewhere off the northern coast of Greenland.

When their home is attacked by agents of the Silver Star, they know Aleister Crowley has gone on the offensive.

In an upgraded Daedalus, the crew recruits an Inuit guide and heads into the Arctic expanse, where they encounter savage storms, ravenous predators, Russian mercenaries, the mysterious descendants of Viking explorers, and hordes of the reanimated dead.

With wounded crewmembers, a disabled airship, and the Silver Star in the vicinity, Jack and Doc must race to find the source of the signal and prevent a ghoulish apocalypse.