The Parish

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ISBN: 979-8-9861181-5-4

Can you keep a secret?

A widowed mother fleeing her grief.
A preteen girl lost in the dark.
A soldier of God stalked by the demons of his past.
A supernatural presence threatens a small town.

A Slaughter County Novella

Liz’s faith in her church had always been rock solid. Until the day her husband was ripped from this world by an IED. Grief-stricken and desperate to flee the memories of her once-happy marriage, Liz uproots her daughter and moves to a small, rural town for a fresh start.

But the promise of new beginnings is not without a dark side. The quaint town harbors a terrible secret, and the ghosts of the past are about to demand their due.

When her daughter, Audrey, becomes drawn into the spectral mystery, Liz turns to one-time soldier and parish priest,  Father Felix, for help. Together they must expose a long-hidden trauma, before Audrey and the town are lost to the darkness forever.

Perfect for fans of The Others, The Exorcist and Midnight Mass, The Parish is an atmospheric ghost story with gothic undertones that will have you reading late into the night…if you dare.

From Todd Downing, author of Calico Kids, architect of the Airship Daedalus transmedia property. Adapted from his feature screenplay, film now streaming worldwide.